“After several unsuccessful efforts to find a professional editor for my memoir, I was fortunate enough to come across Katherine Don’s name on the Funds for Writers website. Katherine is an extremely creative, highly intelligent and insightful editor. My major concerns were that she not compromise my voice, that she detect stylistic problems, and that she be attentive to correcting any grammar and syntax issues. In all these areas and more she was thorough, meticulous, timely and very helpful. She is the consummate professional and I highly recommend her.”

– PC ~ Eastham, MA


“I hired Kat to help me during my initial awkward attempts at adapting my screenplay into a novel. Luckily, Kat is an expert in both scriptwriting and literary prose. She was instrumental in helping me finish my first novel, giving me much needed deadlines along with a series of organized manuscript critiques that detailed where I was going wrong and exactly how to fix it. I highly recommend her to writers looking for expert feedback, editing and guidance that yields results.”

– Caroline Flarity ~ author ~ NY, NY ~ http://www.carolineflarity.com/


“Katherine did an amazing job with my manuscript. She helped put the story in a cohesive, beautifully organized format that retained my voice while making my message clear and authoritative. Katherine held my hand during every step of the process from idea creation all the way to making the finest editorial adjustments. I would recommend anyone who is struggling to form a message that cuts through the clutter to work with Katherine.”

– Jovanka Ciares ~ author, speaker, wellness expert ~ jovankaciares.com


“I had the privilege of working with Katherine on a book of investigative journalism that took years of research, reporting and writing. Katherine’s help in both research and editing was invaluable. While working on a first draft that was overflowing with too much information, Katherine’s perceptive edits helped me wrangle the narrative back into shape. She’s a sharp thinker with a keen editorial sense of a book’s bigger picture, and she’s also a delight to work with. I highly recommend her to any writer who’s serious about improving their book.”

– Kathryn Joyce ~ journalist ~ kathrynjoyce.com


“With insightful overarching comments, incisive line edits, and detailed feedback on everything from character development to tone to dialogue, Katherine Don became a fellow caretaker of my novel. I am grateful that I had her help, patience, and advice. The outcome? Even though I sent through the slush pile, and even though I had no previous fiction publishing credits, that novel got placed with a top agent. This result speaks for itself. What’s more, I think Katherine helped me see things in the book that the book itself wanted to express but that I had trouble seeing. Also, beyond her ability to work with the artistic side of things, she has experience with query letters, editors, and the publishing world in general. If you get a chance to work with the Don, take it.”

– Mark Lawley ~ author, educator, composer ~ marklawley.com


“Katherine upped my writing game substantially with her developmental edit of Unspeakable Grudges, a crime fiction novel. Her manuscript critiques ferreted out the weaknesses, and she offered suggestions to improve the narrative. I highly recommend Katherine to writers for her fresh eye, keen intellect, and guiding hand.”

– P.H. Turner ~ author of The Nation book series 


“When looking for an editor, I’m looking for a partner who can take my rough words and polish them into a shiny jewel. Katherine was just such a partner. She helped bring clarity to my ideas and my writing, and the finished product is so much better than it would have been without her involvement. She knows her stuff, and more importantly, she is great at communicating that knowledge in a clear, supportive, and effective manner.”

– David J.P. Fisher ~ business coach, author, speaker ~ davidjpfisher.com


“I’ve had the pleasure of working for Katherine to edit and shape book proposals as well as publications for non-profit organizations. Katherine has a keen sense of the audience of each project and is talented at helping her clients adapt to each audience’s expectations. She’s an extremely efficient researcher and organizer. Your project will definitely benefit from Katherine’s input on how effectively your ideas are being communicated.”

– Cynthia-Marie O’Brien ~writer, editor, educator ~ cynthiamarieobrien.com


“I submitted my manuscript to Katherine for critique after she came highly recommended by another writer. After revisiting some of the memoir’s key locations and incorporating many of Katherine’s ideas, I rewrote a few more drafts before sending the final one back for another critique and copy/line edit. I believe that with Katherine’s input and inspiration, my memoir became a better, more compelling read. She is professional and focused, as well as reliable and delightful to work with. I highly recommend the Book Don, especially to writers with first drafts who will benefit from her honesty, vision and experience.”

– Linda Jamsen ~ teacher, musician, writer


“I was fortunate enough to work with Kat Don for developmental editing on my first poetry chapbook project. From the first paragraph of the manuscript critique, I knew I had found someone willing to dig deeper into my work. Kat has an ability to distill words to their essence, sift through the cluttered grammar, punctuation, clever phrases, and accidental cliches, and reveal your true voice. After working with Kat, my chapbook was a finalist in a competition, and two of my poems have been accepted for publication in my dream magazine! I have grown immensely as a writer through Kat’s empowering editing.”

– Saleem Hue Penny ~ early childhood advocate ~ interdisciplinary artist ~ hueart.org


“Katherine took my book and made it worthy of being published. I appreciated that she could read between the lines and pulled out of me the entire story, thus filling in the gaps for a reader. Katherine was so fun to work with, totally professional every step of the way, being prompt, accurate and quick with response. I will now have to write another book just to enjoy spending time with her, she made the whole process that much fun!”

– Mitzi Carroll ~ legal administrator and writer ~ Louisville, KY