Looking for a freelance book editor?

Whether you’re an aspiring author laboring away on your first book or a seasoned author working on your fifth, Katherine Don, a.k.a. “The Book Don,” can help. I offer personalized editing and book doctoring services for authors writing in the following genres:


  • including journalism, academic work, memoir, travel, cultural criticism, self-help, and business books


  • including literary fiction, commercial fiction, historical fiction, romance, experimental, YA and children’s fiction

I also work with writers on book proposals, query letters, academic essays, CVs, and other writing projects.

What exactly does a book doctor do?

Book doctors tend to focus on developmental editing rather than just copyediting or proofreading. Also called “substantive editing” or “content editing,” developmental editing addresses structure, style, narrative pacing, plot, character development, and other big-picture issues. A developmental editor might re-write clunky sentences, identify gaps in content, spot problems with plot development, and sequence paragraphs and chapters. Developmental editing often includes an initial manuscript critique or assessment.

The type and depth of editing, however, depends on the needs of your particular manuscript.

Ready to get started?

Writing a book can be a lonely and intimidating process. In today’s crowded marketplace, the needs of the author are sometimes overlooked during the daunting or even downright bewildering process of finding an agent or figuring out how to self-publish a manuscript. My job is to help you bring out your perfect book, whether that means line editing, content editing, brainstorming, or simply providing feedback and encouragement.